Wednesday, 20 March 2013

One source talent provides interpersonal skills development training

One source talent provides an interpersonal skills, offen called “people skills”, influence one’s ability to work well with others. Managers typically spend the majority of their time interacting with people; therefore, they must cultivate their ability to communicate effectively with the diversity of individuals around them.

In many companies, the reason managers fail is due to a lack of people skills. Effective manager’s focus on interpersonal skills such as sharing information, providing appropriate feedback, coaching, being a team player, and helping people learn. Their understanding of change, human nature, and motivation techniques enables them to generate superior results with our one source talent training people.

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What doesn’t bend might break; therefore, champions of change strive for flexibility in themselves and others in their approach to and implementation of change. Flexibility does not imply weakness or inability to make decisions. On the contrary, flexibility reveals one’s awareness, and sensitivity to change; stakeholder needs; and individual and organizational capabilities.

Knowledge Human Nature

Human beings are complex individuals, each unique yet often possessing similar characteristics or predispositions. Successful managers understand the principles of human nature such as our inherent resistance to change, need for feedback, or desire for involvement in decision making. This information they combine with the understanding of the uniqueness of each individual to form a solid knowledge base of human behavior. Armed with information, managers experience greater success in executing change.

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