Saturday, 30 March 2013

Great Squeeze auditions today in Los Fresnos

Are you interest to participate Great Squeeze auditions today in Los Fresnos

exas Folklife today will hold its final auditions at Los Fresnos High School for the seventh annual great Squeeze competition. The event is at 3 p.m. and will feature Brownsville’s Peter Anzaldua, last year’s winner, and the contest’s first champ, Juan Longoria Jr. and his band Conteño. The competition lures the state’s top young accordionists. It seeks contestants who play in genres including Tejano, conjunto, norteño, zydeco, Cajun, German, Czech and Polish polka. One Source Talent arrange talent people in this auditions are free and open to the public. Contestants may register on site.

one source talent audition
“The annual contest is one of the ways we carry out our mission to preserve, promote and present Texas’ diverse cultural heritage,” Texas Folklife Executive Director Cristina Balli said. “We are very pleased to play some role in helping communities celebrate, honor and pass their traditions to the next generation.” The audition will select semifinalists to compete April 20 at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. The contest’s finalists will compete June 1 at the Accordion Kings & Queens Festival in Houston. The winner gets a prize package valued at more than $4,000, including a cash prize, a Hohner accordion, performance opportunities in Austin and Houston, publicity, and professional development and other opportunities.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

one source talent says 10 important things remaining

one source talent says 10 important things remaining.

  • Talent member Be Prepared
  • Talent Think and Behave Prfessional
  • Headshots and Resumes
  • Presentation
  • Don't Let anything throw you
  • Do your home work
  • Be Gracious and receptive to feedback and Redirection
  • Auditions, Like Scenes, have a beginning, middle,and an end
  • Casting directors remember good work

One source talent provides interpersonal skills development training

One source talent provides an interpersonal skills, offen called “people skills”, influence one’s ability to work well with others. Managers typically spend the majority of their time interacting with people; therefore, they must cultivate their ability to communicate effectively with the diversity of individuals around them.

In many companies, the reason managers fail is due to a lack of people skills. Effective manager’s focus on interpersonal skills such as sharing information, providing appropriate feedback, coaching, being a team player, and helping people learn. Their understanding of change, human nature, and motivation techniques enables them to generate superior results with our one source talent training people.

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What doesn’t bend might break; therefore, champions of change strive for flexibility in themselves and others in their approach to and implementation of change. Flexibility does not imply weakness or inability to make decisions. On the contrary, flexibility reveals one’s awareness, and sensitivity to change; stakeholder needs; and individual and organizational capabilities.

Knowledge Human Nature

Human beings are complex individuals, each unique yet often possessing similar characteristics or predispositions. Successful managers understand the principles of human nature such as our inherent resistance to change, need for feedback, or desire for involvement in decision making. This information they combine with the understanding of the uniqueness of each individual to form a solid knowledge base of human behavior. Armed with information, managers experience greater success in executing change.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

one source talent discussion about scam

The research has provided strong evidence for the reliability and validity of the process in all three disciplines. The process proved to be equitable to students of different cultural backgrounds and language abilities.

The students selected for advanced instruction represent a full range of students and classes in the schools, including those in self-contained special education and bilingual classrooms. The results were not correlated with tests scores in reading or math. Classroom teachers were able to identify the talents of their students as the arts experts did, reaching a high level of reliability by the fourth week of observations.

one source talent scam
This research has generated particular interest from the Arts, Gifted and Talented, Bilingual, and Special Education fields because of the lack of existing data in these areas. Most previous research has been conducted in affluent environments where students have parental support and ample opportunities for their talents to be recognized and developed.

This study, conducted in inner city schools with diverse populations, provides schools with the first reliable, systematic model for assessing artistic one source talent. In addition, it provides an equitable method to select students for advanced arts training.

The difficulty of defining and assessing artistic potential has helped to perpetuate the attitude that artistic one source talents are secondary and insignificant compared to other, more easily quantifiable characteristics. This belief hinders the inclusion of the arts into a school’s curriculum.

The standard audition process reinforces the conception that artistic talent is subjective, largely mysterious, and relatively rare. After 17 years of development and six years of research the results of the Arts Connection processes demonstrate that artistic talent can be assessed and a reliable prediction of success through training can be made, even in students who have had no prior arts training.

Most importantly, the process provides a vehicle for heightening awareness and appreciation for multiple intelligence, learning styles and aptitudes on the part of teachers, parents and students themselves.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Photo Shoot Audition in Stanbridge College, Los Angeles,CA

45 of our Los Angeles talent were requested to appear in a photo-shoot for Stanbridge College.

Stanbridge College is a private, technical college, which offers both campus-based and online degrees and diplomas in Healthcare and Information Technology. Both the campus of Stanbridge College in Irvine, California, and the online programs, offer you the flexibility to learn at students own pace with a full-time or part-time schedules.

once source talent scam
one source talent
Their programs vary in length and include classroom and online lectures, hands-on training, clinical/externship courses and additional administrative support. Stanbridge College Edverum, a 100% exclusive online learning platform, allows students to access important information and communicate with instructors at students convenience.

Stanbridge College welcomes students of diverse interests and ages as well as those of different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds. Our flexible programs are tailored to meet individual needs and combine a liberal education with career preparation for service to society. Stanbridge College seeks to graduate students who possess ability, conviction and a passion to succeed.

Potential new students will be seeing our talent in their upcoming school program books as well as the college website. Our talent will be portraying therapy students in the photo shoot. Congrats to all our talent who were chosen, this will be great exposure for them!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

2013 On Campus Auditions Guidence

First of all, thank you for choosing to audition for one source talent. We recognize the tremendous effort involved in putting together auditions for Acting and Musical Theatre programs. Our intention with these guidelines is to help you have a good experience with us and with other schools. Please read them carefully. If you have questions, ask.

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In fairness to all students attending the audition, we must limit you to three minutes total. Time your selections before you come to the audition. Bring a typed one-page resume with your theatre/music/dance experience only. It will be copied for the faculty at the audition. We cannot make copies of multiple pages. If you have a more traditional academic resume that you wish to submit, bring one copy and we will put it in your file for later consideration.

Bring a photo. An 8x10 headshot is recommended but not required. If you do not have a headshot, please bring a recent, accurate photo focusing on your face. It should be at least 4x6 in size. Please DO NOT STAPLE the photo and resume together. Although this is standard professional practice, we need to make copies of all the resumes for the faculty and staples make it difficult and time-consuming.

one source talent scam
For the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

• Prepare two contrasting monologues, approximately 1½ minutes each. At least one monologue must be from a play; you may use one monologue from a film script. Do not use a monologue written specifically for auditions. Total audition time is 3 minutes. For the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and Musical Theatre/Dance

• Prepare one up-tempo song, one ballad, and one short monologue, approximately one minute each. The songs should be from musical theatre repertoire, and the monologue from a play. Since we only have time to hear one monologue from MT majors, you may not use one from a film script. Total audition time is 3 minutes.

• Bring dance clothes and jazz shoes and be prepared to learn a dance combination. Tap shoes and toe shoes are not needed.

• You will be asked to complete a music theory and aptitude test. Don’t be frightened of this test: it is for diagnostic and placement purposes. We just need to see what your musicreading skills are, and to make sure that you can match pitch.

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