Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Identifying Gifted and Talented Students

General Checklist for Identifying Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and Talented students may:
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  • Possess extensive general knowledge, often know more than the teacher and find the usual reference books superficial
  • Easily grasp underlying principles and need the minimum of explanation
  • Have mental speeds faster than physical capabilities and so be often reluctant to write at length
  • Be reluctant to practise skills already mastered, finding such practice futile
  • Be inventive and original when interested
  • Often see the unusual rather than the conventional relationships
  • Display intellectual playfulness,fantasise and imagine and be quick to see connections and to manipulate ideas
  • Show good insight into cause-effect relationships
  • Quickly make generalizations and extract the relevant points from complex material
  • Prefer to talk rather than write and often talk at speed with fluency and expression
  • Have exceptional curiosity and constantly want to know why
  • Ask searching questions, which tend to be unlike other students questions
  • Be able to pose problems and solve ingeniously
  • Read rapidly and retain what is read and can recall detail

Monday, 25 February 2013

Models for Photo Shoot: Houston

3 of our Houston talent were selected for a Garden Tea Party themed photo-shoot. The photo shoot is being done for Jennifer Laura Designs.

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Jennifer Laura Designs is a full service wedding and event planning studio based in Houston, Texas. We offer a one-of-a-kind boutique experience for our clients by creating a distinct wedding celebration that will tell your unique story. Our goal is to design a beautiful and detailed vision of your day and then execute this vision flawlessly down to the smallest of details. Jennifer Laura Designs has been featured on Project Wedding as well as 100 Layer Cake.

22 year old Ainsley Hammonds, 18 year old Brianna Doresy and 19 year old Jessica Meas have all been requested for the project. The photos from the five hour shoot will be used for promotional purposes on the client's website. The models will be taking part in the project this week. Congrats to all three girls!

One source talents success stories

one source talent reviews Talent and Client Benefits All talent signed with OST will have benefits of:

Up-to-date access along with submissions to castings in local offices and nationwide

A new comp card for mail and digital for new electronic submissions

In demand workshops, which are called "meet n' greets". Network with industry pros for help, training and guidance

NO commission fees for booked jobs

Amazing benefit program which includes both local and nationwide businesses

Over 3,000 talent are submitted to new castings each week!

All evaluated clients will have the ability to enjoy:

A huge searchable database that includes all types of talent (Print, Extras, Promo, High Fashion, Movie and TV Actors etc)

A Commission free service for all clients

The most detailed evaluation process to make sure they will be getting dedicated talent

A corporate staff with industry knowledge and 1000s of contacts

Access to any office for castings

one source talent reviews Model/Actor Success Stories & Reviews

My name is Amy Thrall and I am 4 years old. I have been with OST for about a month. I have had a photo shoot, and I just got a part in a student film for a Columbia film student. I have two more film auditions this week and another photo shoot scheduled in a couple of weeks. I am really excited about the journey I am headed on.

I signed with One Source Talent only a few months ago I went to my first casting and I landed a part so quickly, I'm so excited, thank you so much OST for getting me started with my dream.

I have been a talent with them for a while now and I do not have one complaint with them. They have been really helpful to me, they even went as far as sitting down with me and helping me with redoing my entire resume. The girls at the office are always there when I need them and I have booked many jobs. Thank you OST for being an awesome company

Hi my name is Gina. I just wanted to thank OST so much for getting me this far. Just recently I was asked to be in a music video for a band and i am soooo excited, I have also looked into a couple plays. Thank you OST for letting me follow my dreams!

Only five days after returning to and re-signing with OST, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to work as an extra for Jim Carrey's latest production, "Yes Man". Not only was it an enriching experience--imagine 700 extras in one huge ballroom. Also, I made some very helpful and valuable connections, which is a crucial aspect of networking in this business sector. So, Thank You OST. I look forward to the next opportunity!

One source Talent is not a Agency. So they don't take agency fees from you like other companies. What most people don't realize that agency will cost you wayyyy more in the long run since they take a certain % from each job. They do not charge a percentage so you get paid directly from the director. Most people don't realize that so than they get discouraged since everyone writes bad reviews.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Audition performing arts programs tips and Guidence

Art and design programs

Folio essentials

All art and design related courses require a folio to be presented at interview. Carefully select work to show the technical, conceptual, and presentation skills that you have acquired.
The contents of your folio should include:
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• A maximum of 15 items. A folio of this size is substantial so do not be concerned if you have fewer items.
• 8 to 10 items is a recommended minimum. Major pieces should relate directly to the type of course for which you are applying.
• Include a selection of drawings, sketchbooks, and visual diaries or other items that demonstrate how you think and your working process. Be prepared to explain and discuss this process. Finished drawings may be analytical, representational, decorative or expressive.
• If some of your original work is too large to carry it may be photographed and presented as good quality prints.
• Large drawings should be presented in a folio, not rolled.

One Source Talent Reviews Performing arts programs

Selection essentials
The Centre for Creative Industries at Box Hill Institute offers a wide range of courses in the performing arts. These include the Diploma of Music, Diploma of Sound Production, Bachelor of Music (Audio Production), Bachelor of Music (Composition), and Bachelor of Music (Performance).
While audition and selection requirements are slightly different for each course, there are three activities that you may be required to undertake.
During an audition you will be required to demonstrate your musical proficiency. Auditions usually take place during late November or early December.
Musicianship Test
You will also be required to demonstrate your musicianship, which is the knowledge or theory component, prior to being selected for a course. Interview
You will be asked a series of questions relating to your suitability for the course. You should demonstrate a clear understanding of your career goals and aptitude for the course, including any relevant industry experience.

You may also provide any of the following supplementary evidence:
• AMEB certificates.
• Samples of audio recordings, mixes, or songs, where applicable.
• Teacher references.
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Interpersonal talents and skills of models for participating in auditions

Interpersonal talents and skills of models, often called “people modeling skills,” influence one’s ability to work well with others. Managers typically spend the majority of their ability to communicate effectively with the diversity of individuals around them. In many auditions, the reason for manager’s fail is due to a lack of people skills.

Effective managers focus on interpersonal skills such as sharing information, providing appropriate feedback, coaching, being a model, actor and helping people learn. Their understanding of change, human nature, and motivation techniques enables them to generate superior results with their people.

one source talent reviews Talent People Flexible:
What doesn’t bend might break; therefore, champions of change strive for flexibility does not imply weakness or inability to make decisions. On the contrary, flexibility reveals one’s awareness, responsiveness, and sensitivity on change; stakeholder needs; and individual and one source talent organizational capabilities.

Knowledge of Human Nature:
Human beings are complex individuals, each unique yet often possessing similar characteristics or predispositions. Successful audition talents understand the principles of human nature such as our inherent resistance to change, need for feedback, or desire for involvement in decision making. This information they combine with the understanding of the uniqueness of each individual to form a solid knowledge base of human behavior. Armed with information, managers experience greater success in executing change.

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