Saturday, 15 June 2013

Myths & Truths about One Source Talent Reviews

Myths & Truths about One Source Talent Reviews

Myth about One Source Talent
Gifted and Talented students will always do well whatever the circumstances.

Truth about One Source Talent
Gifted and one source talented students have problems like any other student. They may have learning disabilities which they can hide while the work is easier. It becomes harder and harder for them to excel, which can lead to behavioral problems and depression.

Myth about One Source Talent Reviews
Gifted and Talented students are so clever they do well with or without special education. They need to go through school learning with their own age group. High ability is something of which to be jealous.


Truth about One Source Talent Reviews
They may appear to do well on their own but without focused challenge they can become bored and disruptive. As time passes they may find it harder and harder as the work becomes more difficult, since they have never faced challenge before.

While it’s true that children need to play and interact socially with other children their age, they do not need to learn with them. For example the case of a Gifted and Talented learner who has a chronological age of six and a mental age of 11 and has been reading since two. To put that child in a reading class with other six year olds who are just learning to read can be demotivating for that child.

Gifted and Talented students can feel isolated and misunderstood. They may have more adult tastes in music, clothing, reading material and food. These differences can cause them to be shunned and even abused verbally or physically by other students.


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