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One source talent says 2013 model un l n refugees

One source talent says 2013 model un l n refugees

For last fifty years, the United Nations has been faced with the issue of Palestinian refugees, and whether or not they should be able to return to their native land after settling in another country. These refugees have spread out all over the Middle East and Europe while the UN has been offering support through the UNRWA.

one source talent
Some countries expressed their reluctance towards continuing this financial support and have been unwilling to take action against Middle Eastern countries that refuse to accept the refugees back after escaping turmoil. Others find it necessary to take action to allow the refugees’ return peacefully. On behalf of Lithuania, the continuation of assisting Palestinian refugees is in the best interest of the UN, as it is fair that they have the right to return to their home countries after escaping before.

Part of the United Nations’ mission is to provide freedom to those who are oppressed in their own countries. After the world wars, it was a necessary organization to provide freedom and prevent any other disastrous wars. Therefore, the Palestinian refugees must be granted freedom to move back to their home country because of the values we stand for. It is impossible to uphold the UN’s duties if we do not honor the freedom values that most underdeveloped countries yearn for. It is the UN’s occupation to monitor the affairs of the world to make certain that everyone is safe and free and if those countries, particularly in the Middle East, refuse to abide by our rules, then it is imperative we take action.

Lithuania fully supports peaceful passage back to their homelands and that the Middle Eastern countries refusal to accept them is intolerable. At the time of refugees escape, there may have been oppression going on and therefore it was impossible to succeed whilst living there, so they absolutely had to leave. Furthermore, if new government systems have been put in place to allow them to succeed, the refugees have the right to move back and rekindle their relationship with their home country.

Even without a new government, people must be allowed to return to their country for whatever personal reasons they have. Freedom is common issue throughout the world and for the Palestinians, it was practically nonexistent so they found that they had to escape. But no matter how much freedom one has, it is common to miss the aspects of one’s home country because of the tolerance of it for so many years. No matter the reasons, it is the UN’s job to provide safety to the Palestinian refugees as they cross back to Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries.

In the midst of this controversy, it is imperative that the UN reaches the correct decision with this issue. Lithuania stands for allowing the refugees safe return to their country and if others disagree, it might add even more conflict with those countries. The Middle Eastern countries that refuse to cooperate must succumb to the UN because, honestly, it is the best direction for the refugees, whom we already decided to protect.


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