Friday, 15 February 2013

Audition performing arts programs tips and Guidence

Art and design programs

Folio essentials

All art and design related courses require a folio to be presented at interview. Carefully select work to show the technical, conceptual, and presentation skills that you have acquired.
The contents of your folio should include:
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• A maximum of 15 items. A folio of this size is substantial so do not be concerned if you have fewer items.
• 8 to 10 items is a recommended minimum. Major pieces should relate directly to the type of course for which you are applying.
• Include a selection of drawings, sketchbooks, and visual diaries or other items that demonstrate how you think and your working process. Be prepared to explain and discuss this process. Finished drawings may be analytical, representational, decorative or expressive.
• If some of your original work is too large to carry it may be photographed and presented as good quality prints.
• Large drawings should be presented in a folio, not rolled.

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Selection essentials
The Centre for Creative Industries at Box Hill Institute offers a wide range of courses in the performing arts. These include the Diploma of Music, Diploma of Sound Production, Bachelor of Music (Audio Production), Bachelor of Music (Composition), and Bachelor of Music (Performance).
While audition and selection requirements are slightly different for each course, there are three activities that you may be required to undertake.
During an audition you will be required to demonstrate your musical proficiency. Auditions usually take place during late November or early December.
Musicianship Test
You will also be required to demonstrate your musicianship, which is the knowledge or theory component, prior to being selected for a course. Interview
You will be asked a series of questions relating to your suitability for the course. You should demonstrate a clear understanding of your career goals and aptitude for the course, including any relevant industry experience.

You may also provide any of the following supplementary evidence:
• AMEB certificates.
• Samples of audio recordings, mixes, or songs, where applicable.
• Teacher references.
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